Backstory of GIS Management Templates

Backstory of GIS Management Templates

Welcome to GIS Management Templates! This endeavor aims to be a creative, challenging outlet fusing my two passions; GIS & Program Management. 


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I'm Rachel Marquez, I hold a certification from the GIS Certification Institute, GISP, and a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Insitute. I graduated with my Master's degree from the University of Southern California (USC), with undergraduate courses from Western Washington State University and Humboldt State University. With all these credentials and educational attainment, I have still struggled with many executive functions that have slowed some of my achievements, but now, with new knowledge of skills and resources. I'm working on customizing these resources for the Geospatial Community. 


I started this journey of supporting the Geospatial Profession to fill a gap in the industry that is highly discussed conceptually but never practiced in action. These developed templates and tools can guide you to the goal line, whatever that may be. I am focusing on tools and templates that have supported me through my journey with neurodiversity tendencies. 

The technical writing challenges, particularly with geospatial terminology not yet incorporated into mainstream culture, has been in many discussions at geospatial conferences. The first solution I developed (organically) as a service is a Custom Dictionary developed for Microsoft Office Products. Yes, that simple! 

In the coming months and (hopefully) years, I will continue to expand on the working templates I have used and continue to utilize at the organizations I support. From my day job, to the non-profits which I volunteer for. Everyone could use the support. 

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Thanks and happy leading! 

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